Aims of the HENNER GRAEFF Foundation are promotion of sciences and research in the field of tumor cell biology/oncology. Focus is laid on studies investigating the role of tumor-associated protease systems, related biological factors, and the underlying molecular mechanisms impacting on tumor progression and metastasis.

These aims shall be achieved by supporting basic and clinical investigations addressing the physio- and pathophysiological role of protease systems and their crosstalking factors, primarily with respect to solid malignant tumors, including breast and ovarian cancers.


Toward this end, the following types of scientific activities will be supported:

  • investigations of cancer biomarkers as diagnostic and prognostic tools related to cancer therapy,
  • evaluation of molecular mechanisms underlying tumorigenesis and metastasis,
  • scientific meetings joined by junior scientists which cover cancer research topics,
  • collaborations related to the aims of the HENNER GRAEFF Foundation, and
  • allocation of awards for outstanding scientific achievements in cancer research.